My Favorite Thing About Math

Sunday, May 29, 2016 / 5 comments
So my "math boss" is leaving. He is moving from California all the way to Idaho!  I won't tell you what a mess I've been the last two weeks since I found out, but I did want to share with you, all of the awesome things my kids had to say about their "favorite thing about math."
I took all of their writing and put it together to make a class book as a thank you to Ryan.

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First Grade Fraction Talks... What?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 / 21 comments

Since the idea of fraction talks first came through my twitter feed, I was intrigued.  My first thought, was, "Oh, that's so cool for the big kids." My next thought was, "Hmm...  Some of the best learning my first graders have done has happened when I've stolen ideas from upper grades.  I wonder what ideas I can steal here that would benefit my student's mathematical understanding?" My colleague, Allegra once said that teachers are like swimmers, and there are three groups of swimmers.  The first group dives in and explores and pilots new ideas.  The second group watches the first group to make sure they do well and make it to the other side. The third group won't stick a toe in. They say, "No way! Not gonna do it!"  I am totally a swimmer from the first group, so I dove in... and here is what happened.

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