Planning Primary Fluency Progressions

Friday, February 24, 2017 / 5 comments
Current status... I'm planning a fluency progressions training for elementary and, damn! There is so much going on in TK and kindergarten (In California we have Transitional Kindergarten - similar to a Pre-K) and it absolutely lays the foundation for fluency! Years ago, when I first took a look at Fosnot's landscapes for learning (addition & subtraction), I thought to myself, "Why can't we just have bullets, left to right, top down?"

I also thought she must be an artist, turns out, she paints.  Who knew?!
Fosnot's landscape is making more sense to me now.  Everything is a big web.  So. Many. Connections.  There is a progression, for sure, but learning can go in different directions.  Looking at it also reminds me of problems we all have when we say that our kids have holes, but we aren't sure what they are.  I find this to be a great tool to use to identify those holes.  (I especially like the app to use as a documentation tool and digital portfolio.)
I'm learning that I'm going to have to spend a significant chunk of my measly hour and half that I have with teachers on these big ideas that really describe what number sense is made of before we can even get to a progression of mental math strategies that support fluency.  I'm hoping that first and maybe even second grade teachers can look to TK and kinder and see those big ideas as a possible intervention when their kids don't show up knowing all that we expect them to.

 I really wish I could spend an entire day with TK and kindergarten teachers!  I remember reading Van de Walle and over and over again he would say how incredibly important the learning is that takes place in kindergarten.  Kindergarten teachers do not teach the basics.  To say that I think is a discredit.  Without these understandings, the rest of us are screwed.

Hopefully all of my math friends are continuing to invite primary teachers to the "math party" not only to teach THEM more math, but to learn FROM them as well.
Now back to work...

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