Surviving a 2/3 combo: Take 1

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 / 4 comments
I feel incredibly guilty admitting this, but this summer I found myself dreading going back to work. I didn't feel the spark that excited me to try new things with my kiddos.  Last year was incredible.  I got to team teach with my best friend on campus who happened to have my son in her class.  It was the greatest gift to get to watch him develop over the course of the year.  As school was approaching, this guilt really began to weigh on me.  I wouldn't want my child to be in a class where the teacher wasn't totally excited to be there! Then, a good friend at my site got an opportunity to be an assistant principal which opened up a spot in a 2/3 combo.  It wasn't really even a question in my mind, I just knew I needed a change and applied for the position. So fast forward to now... I actually have to teach this!
So I come to you today to ask for your expertise.  Language arts, social studies, science... I can make those work in a combo. The math however... that's a different story.  We haven't done much of the math together.  There may be times when we can, and I feel like after I live in these standards for the year, I will be much better at finding and creating tasks that we could do together.
The hardest part for me is that third grade is off and running early with multiplication and division so they can meet those fluency expectations and second grade needs to lay the foundation for that understanding first.

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